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Healthcare Quality Improvement

AMDEX’s innovative solutions have improved health outcomes for more than 170 million Americans with Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace coverage. We are change agents, promoting high quality care, decreasing costs, improving population health, and enhancing the patient experience – all designed to make healthcare more accessible.

Protecting Our Homeland

With a mission to make America safe, we develop and support applications that keep the American people secure. We design our systems with your needs in mind so you can focus on protecting vulnerable populations, knowing these cutting-edge technologies are at work behind closed doors when needed most.

Understanding Our Citizenry

We provide advanced solutions around survey creation and administration, backed with evidence-based approaches, using the most sophisticated technology.

Public Health

As a leader in public health informatics, we’re committed to providing the most accurate and up-to date data. Our solutions help track disease trends as well as monitor patients who may be at risk for developing new infections or complications from old ones.

Ensuring Credible Information for Our Workforce

Our innovative solutions allow for the development, collection, analysis, and dissemination of research and evaluation studies. We design and carry out research and evaluation activities of programs or policies.